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2435 Manella. suite 216
Town of Mount Royal, QC, H4P 2A5

Our Story

The Lansdowne Centre has been a not-for-profit tutoring centre since 1973. It was founded in 1972 in the Dominion Douglas Church. The founding tutors were mentored by Dr. Sam Rabinovitch and his staff at the McGill Montreal Children's Hospital Learning Centre. Dr. Rabinovitch gave us his encouragement and a way of looking at children,which has been central to our effort from the beginning.

Also instrumental in helping us develop our student-centered approach were Dr. Laughlin Taylor and Dr. Renée Stevens. Dr.Taylor was Chief of Clinical and Psychological Services at the Montreal Neurological Institute and the Director of the Lakeshore Learning Centre. Dr. Stevens, psychologist at the Children’s Hospital Learning Centre, became our consulting psychologist.',

In order to serve the entire community and celebrate the memory of Beverly Baserman, our director and one of the centre’s cofounders, The Beverly Baserman Bursary Fund was created. Beverly’s goal was to help all children become strategic, successful and independent learners. Through this bursary fund, we will be able to continue to help families from all socio-economic levels. As a not-for-profit corporation in Quebec and a Canadian charitable organization under the Income Tax Act, we are able to issue receipts for donations.