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2435 Manella. suite 216
Town of Mount Royal, QC, H4P 2A5

Grade 10 Science Workshop


The Lansdowne Tutoring Centre, 1000 Lucerne Road, Suite 200

Cost: $250 (includes materials)

A maximum of twelve students will be accepted into each workshop.

Workshop Goals

  • To organize and outline the grade 10 science and technology (ST) curriculum in a way that creates a logical flow of ideas, simplifying the task of reviewing for the exam. Checklists, concise notes and sample problems will be provided to support what each student has already taken away from their respective classrooms.
  • To review the course content in proportion to its novelty, difficulty and overall relevance to the exam.
  • To practice exam-taking strategies in order to maximize efficiency and success.
  • To address any and all questions and concerns about the course and its content in a patient and non-judgmental atmosphere.


Please inquire for scheduling details.

Note: The grade 10 science workshops are designed to cover the material relevant to the provincial exam, in other words, the material covered in the Science and Technology (ST) version of the course. This is the exam which all science students must take even if they are in the Environmental Science and Technology (EST) or Applied Science and Technology (AST) version of the course, though there are some modifications for the AST exam. All students can attend and benefit from these workshops and if specific questions regarding EST and AST content come up, they will be addressed.